I am so grateful to have been invited to speak on stroke survivor Martin Warrillow’s Warrior Podcast.  ​​​​​I am all about supporting both workplaces and individuals with mental health, wellbeing and equality and my mission is to give everyone the opportunity to live the life they so deserve.

Now is a real time to take stock of our working practices. Whether you work for yourself, but are working from home or you are returning to work fully or in a hybrid type ​of way, Jenny Gordon and I are sharing new and more flexible ways of working, to support you as we transition post lockdown into some kind of new normal.

This will help many of us to pause and reflect on how we work and can also help disabled people get a proper place in the world of work in ways that we may never before have considered possible. Hear it here on Spotify!

We talk about:

  • What working from home effectively can really mean

  • Work life balance

  • Challenging the 9am to 5pm – consider your energy, consider your strengths

  • How self awareness can help you to look after yourself, pause and reflect

  • How we can now support disabled people back into the workplace with hybrid type working

  • Reasonable adjustments and flexible working

  • How we have an opportunity to see the world differently and open up the workplace to benefit both internally and externally in society

  • What adjustments could be made to support an employee an organisation wouldn’t want to lose and does this mean we can open up more opportunities to others?

  • Equality – Disability, barriers and mental health susceptibility

Has our discussion helped you to look at working from home in a different way?

Let’s remove the barriers! ​​

Feel free to give feedback, ask questions or sign up to my updates to get details of any more podcasts that I’ll be speaking on.