A way of life – part of your DNA.

It’s not just your wellbeing – It’s your whole being.

I was do focused on ‘doing’ that I was completely exhausted, burnt out, and had feelings of losing my purpose…

my story…

I was the career girl.

I had the career path that so many people wanted, but I had got to a place of feeling numb.

I was pulled in so many directions I thought I might snap. I was completely exhausted, burnt out, and had feelings of losing my purpose.

I was trying to be the best mum I could be, as well as the best career girl, and I just broke.

It wasn’t like me to be beaten.

I had had many challenges in my life before, but over time I hadn’t looked after myself.

I hadn’t stepped back and paused – I didn’t think there was an alternative.

But there was. I had to reboot and I had to start putting myself back together.

I immersed myself in Mental Health, wellbeing and mindset, and performance training, and put it into action.

That’s how I found me.

And this all lead to the creation of THE HUMAN REBOOT MOVEMENT’

You could enjoy these benefits…

→ A mind free of overwhelm and full of clarity: Getting your mind to work at its best and for you. By understanding you and your mind, and taking the time to pause, reflect and become more self aware, you’ll be able to live a happier lifestyle.

Transform how happy and calm you feel: With simple sustainable tools for life, not only will you learn what you should be doing to transform how you feel right now, you’ll be able to use and adapt these tools for the rest of your life.

Building confidence and feelings of success: By understanding your blocks and stretching your comfort zone, you will start to tackle the things that have held you back and gain the confidence to make tweaks and changes to your life for the better.

Able to bounce back from setbacks: By knowing you have the tools in your kit bag and how to use them, plus the confidence to try new things, you will be able to develop more resilience.

Feel in control: Using the tools within the course and the weekly support and accountability within the group, you’ll know how to clear your mind and get it working for you so that you feel like YOU are in the driving seat.

Live a happier more balanced life: By understanding the key elements to ‘wellbeing’, you will learn what you need to do for yourself to increase your mood and energy, and to truly look after yourself and your mind.

Learn to love you: By getting to know your negative inner chatter, and learning how you can manage it, deal with your blocks, and how you can move forward. You will feel more positive about yourself.

Increase your performance: By learning what you need to do to get your mind to perform at an optimum level, you’ll feel successful, fulfilled, and driven to achieve what you want at home and work in no time at all.

Feel supported and encouraged: With weekly group coaching calls and accountability when you are ready, so that you get faster and more profound results and feel supported to become the best version of the real you.

The Human Reboot METHOD

I’ve broken this program into 7 phases which are delivered through a combination of online through a combination of videos and worksheets and is all supported with:

→ Weekly group coaching calls

Weekly accountability (when you are ready)

 My Method helps you to live life on your terms and enables you to flourish in your life and work.

I have taken the training and tools that have helped me and my clients, and have created ‘The Human Reboot method’. 

The formula gives you the tools, strategies coaching and connection to give you the support to make the shifts. Allowing you to reflect, learn and to make positive changes to your life’s balance. Meaning you can achieve mental clarity, health, happiness and sustained high performance in all areas of your life.  

With me as your coach and mentor twice a month for 6 months, sharing the Human Reboot’s bitesize modules in a small and safe group session. 

This isn’t like any other program you’ll have seen or experienced before…

The Human Reboot Movement is completely uniqueThis programme is a culmination of everything I’ve learned in the last 20 years that I’ve spent coaching people in business. You will also benefit from my recent qualifications and experience in training, coaching and holistic therapies in the Mental Health and Wellbeing space. Most other programs out there will…

Solve one problem only: They don’t go back to the basics in all essential areas of you and your life. You solve one problem but then can’t understand why you still feel stuck, stressed or anxious.

Leave you confused and overwhelmed: By giving you too much information and pushing you to complete set tasks each week, you feel left behind the rest of the tribe and don’t feel you can move forward at your own pace.

Wondering if they left a part out: Other programs offer training, support, or accountability – not all three. Which in essence leaves you with only part of a solution, meaning you find yourself back where you started.




This is where you will learn about the NHS 5 ways to wellbeing, incorporated with my own additional areas that I believe are key to keeping your battery topped to give you energy and joy. Giving you the day t day maintenance that you need.


You are the operative . You will be supported and held accountable to take the action you need through the programme – like I say however small those steps our whoever you need to hold your hand.

Switch Off

This is where you take time to work on the foundations. You pause and reflect on the current areas of your life and learn how to spot the signs in yourself.  This is where you start to work out what you want to achieve from the programme and from your life. 

Software update

This section is all about self development, not the professional development that you are probably used to. Working on your mindset, and knowledge around positive mental health so that you can live life on your terms


As humans we are wired for connection and with out the right connection we can’t function. We delve into how you can connect deeply with yourself and those around you and how connections create doors of opportunity for you. 


This is where we use various methods, such as journalling, free writing, EFT and creative techniques to develop ways for you to process what happens in your life, to help you to feel the feelings and process the emotions so that you can empty the folders in your brain so they don’t become overloaded.

Switch On

This is when you start to work on your Vision, Values, and Legacy – Purpose is key to wellbeing and what, so you  how you can structure you life , will some extra tools and strategies in your kit bag to start to feel more in control and start to move into the action phase.

If all this programme did for
you was …

Finally help you to feel more in control…

Gave you the confidence to make a change…

Gave you a tools to live a happier more balanced life for the long term…

…would this be worth it ?

Yes… of course it would!

And because I’m so confident this Programme WILL change your life, I am going to guarantee your success.

Put simply…I won’t let you fail.





per month

 Human Reboot Movement Training Method

Bi-Weekly Small Group Coaching and Mentoring

Connection group

Accountability and Support  

(No tie in)



Full 6 month programme

Human Reboot Movement Training Method 

Bi-Weekly Group Coaching and Mentoring call

Connection group 

Accountability and Support 


You get: A 1 hour one to one call worth £147 

You Save: You Pay for only 5 months worth £198 

Total saving: £345