Sarupa Shah is a mentor, teacher, trainer, and speaker, whose role and magic is to show you how to find your inner star to discover who you truly are when it comes to spirituality and life. Sarupa breaks the rules and definitely doesn’t fit into any boxes. She likes to question why and do things differently, she has a spiritual perspective yet she talks about money mindset with true magic.


“I’m not doing it for the money, people would say it was all a story that was basically they were using in a way that sounded so justified like they couldn’t like it was the biggest defense that they had. And it was making them basically push their dream further and further away or locked away or hidden in a box somewhere. Because basically they’rere freaking out about ‘ Can I be paid to do something that I love?’  ‘Can I have the lifestyle that I want ?’ Can I still do all the good things in the world?”


“I had my own stuff around money You know, it doesn’t make you greedy, you know, is it wrong? There are starving people, less well off.  You should just be happy with your lot. We make up all this stuff to squash who we are. Squash our ambition and stopping us from going out and doing good in the world. Because clearly, you know, if you want to go and build schools in Africa or somewhere or you know, and empower people to create their own lives. Money is pretty helpful. You know, it’s not the only thing but it’s pretty helpful to be able to, you know, buy the bricks, for example to bright buy the books, buy the pens, you know, pay the teachers, but yeah, so I’ve been doing that and it’s just the thing about helping people put their sole purpose front and centre of their life. I just get so excited by it. I



It was almost like the skies broke. And all I could see was I’m a fraud. Everything I’ve wanted to do with a great big fat lie. I’m nowhere near good enough. And for me, there were the other stories I added in that the universe was punishing me for crimes in a past life you know, this whole time the thing is I’ve got bad karma.


“It was only when I was in the Sunday Times talking about mindfulness that which was a few years later that she accepted that this was my proper job”


“ I would turn my house into a hotel so everything would be cleaned, so that was a whole day’s work, everything just sparkling then they’d come for their one and a half-hour session often six or seven hours later they were still there because they had one more thing and I was too worried because they were paying me. They paid me 60 quid and I had to give them everything they wanted and it was just a disaster for me.”



“Then my partner he basically nearly died when we got back. because he got diagnosed with Type One Diabetes. We didn’t know he had it. It was just one of those things. The day before we were going to fly back to Spain. I said I’ve got to find an ambulance, something is really wrong with you. And then our world changed or his world changed. But what I did, which is what a lot of us, who are people pleasers and don’t address it – Is to take over, I gave up me. And it was instant.”


“ My unconscious was repeating I don’t matter and it wasn’t authentic to the work I was doing because I’m damn good at what I do, you know ridiculously good at helping other people, but it was beginning to eat away at me as well thinking if people can see what my lifestyle is like or how I’m staring at the ceiling at the dead of night. But I felt like it was that old feeling that I had when I came into my business of this is some kind of punishment, penance. I’ve got to suffer it you know, we kind of suffer in silence and suffer quietly, which isn’t just a British thing to do.”



“We looked up the word suffer and it means to undergo, but it’s been almost totally misexplained and misunderstood and judged as some kind of endurance of pain and punishment, you just have to undergo something like we’re just undergoing a procedure we’re undergoing a moment of growth, we’re undergoing an initiation and that takes the emotional sting out of it.”


“I had this idea of if I’m doing money work and helping people with their sole purpose and being very spiritual, I’ve just got to let everybody know that I’m really really perfect “



“That’s actually what makes a good mentor or a coach is people who say I’ve walked that path I’ve been there”



“Suddenly, you know, where you feel like you’ve been shot in the stomach, and it just feels really like that. So that was kind of where you start to think something’s got to change. And I put up with it for a long time. And I remember saying to my mentor, and she was like you, you’ve not even mentioned it, and you’ve allowed yourself to sit in that, you know, we sit in the crap that we feel, for way longer than we need to even if it’s run out of its sell-by date. So it’s gone stale. And we’re still sitting in that same crap.”



“Your health begins to suffer. Because you don’t sleep, your diet suffers. We know all of these things, we know the signs, and we’d help and tell other people, we’d support them. But it takes, I don’t know, why it takes so much longer for us to look in the mirror and be honest about what’s going on and say this is the support I need. Where can I get it from?  These are the things I need to do that will support me. My clues always are when I start to stop meditating. And when I start telling people what to do. So the Do as I say not as I do starts to kick in. So I’ve now learned what my signs are to know that something’s going on that I need to address it, before it becomes that point of a huge, reboot. We can have many reboots, which I think are exciting. And yeah, they can be nerve-wracking and stressful and all those things, but it’s when you have the kind of major reboot because you’ve had almost like a major life breakdown.”



“My logical mind is like get back to your laptop, you’ve got work to do Missy. But I’m actually allowing that space for percolation. That reboot has been phenomenal”

“And I said no, I’ve changed my mind because I’d realised and i was becoming a slave to the smallness and not the fun. So we’d go out we’d have a lovely dinner out and then, later on, I look at my phone, smartphones, we weren’t that into looking at our phone every five minutes 10 years ago, as we are now they’d be sales coming through there’d be inquiries or people saying I want to work with you. It’s literally when we change our energy when we change that frenetic hold of this is how it’s got to be.”



“Wherever you’re SAT, sofa, chair, bed, whatever it is right.  Get up. Because if you think about if somebody poured dust on you, you’d dust yourself off, right? Or if you’d been somewhere dusty, you dust yourself off so we need to get up and dust ourselves off. So you move your energy quite literally to create a different perspective.”



What we do in those places of feeling stuck is we’re looking for that we can only see the, either the big end or the big action, and it mobilises us. So one action, if it means, if, for example, you’re writing a book, write a paragraph, don’t say I’m going to write 1000 words, write a paragraph, and walk away. And 50% of the time, you’ll decide you want to write more and 50% of the time you’ll walk away and it doesn’t matter.”



“Finding your inner magic really is about daydreaming, allowing it to emerge, it’s about that thing that you want to do. And that doesn’t mean you have to go and do it tomorrow. You know, the reason we don’t is because we panic. We’ve got to do it tomorrow, but it’s about taking those steps, but it’s about spending the time dreaming. It’s about spending the time connecting to who you are.”



“We’ve got to get into much more playful energy to find our magic. And then to actually start connecting to our intuition and developing that. And for me, intuition is always heart wisdom, it is not gut wisdom, you know, and this is where I think a lot of people find it really hard going, Yeah, but my gut’s really good, yeah, but your hearts even better. You know, like, for years, I followed my gut, so I get it. But when I started following my heart, it’s a completely different frequency. It’s like,  painting by numbers, and then painting freehand. Suddenly, a whole different kind of world opens up for you.”



“I completely agree and and and I think there’s a social media definition of vulnerability and a real true vulnerability, the energy of vulnerability, the strength when it’s used, even unconsciously as a marketing tool, which it has become on social media to show you know the story of I was eating pizza out of a dustbin somebody else’s take it you know, leftovers and pulled my life around. And the next day I had a million-pound launch or a million-dollar launch, kind of, you know, that kind of BS like blah, blah, blah, bored, bored, bored.”



“I like to keep myself on my toes so I never know what I’m gonna do. Am I gonna have a nap after this? Am I gonna go make lunch? I’m gonna go and get a takeaway? you know it’s like keeping myself on my toes a little bit ”

“The second we make it wrong because oh my god that person over there said that they stopped work at three o’clock on a Friday. And bla bla bla bla bla bla bla and I can’t because I’ve got a client at six, so there’s something wrong with me and if I know it isn’t there’s nothing wrong. I don’t make things wrong and I also make diary dates for myself in in the diary which I think is so important so for things like meditation, doing my affirmations now I can do them spontaneously, but there are times when I might not feel the desire to do them spontaneously and then then I think I’ll get to it and then it’s 10.30-11 at night.”



“You can rearrange your lifestyle so it’s really about that and then not making things wrong and allowing yourself to change. You know, we’re not concrete posts.”



“They’re quite two huge things, and getting the husband and the mini and then paying for the operation. But there’ll be lots of other little mini ones, you know, that we almost brushed away, where things have just fallen into place, you know, like I had a thought and there is you know, and then I say to everybody get a journal that becomes your evidence bank that you need to read when you are having the Oh no’s about life? Or that it’s not working? Or there’s something so wrong with me, why can’t I make it work? ”


There is this thing of I’m a woman, therefore, I’m really intuitive. Actually, men are too, it’s equal. There are no men or women divided on any of this. It happens to be a feminine energy gift. That doesn’t mean that it’s only for women, it’s just a polarity of energy. Yeah, it’s got nothing to do with the sexes, but we do need to stop holding that story of it’s a feminine thing. it’s for women only.”


“Everything is a journey. Nothing is a destination in life. But like I was saying earlier if we reached if we knew we’re at the pinnacle of everything now like we’d reach the destination for our life, you know, what would be the point of anything else beyond this moment. So it’s a journey, allow yourself to go and develop, learn, grow, you know, be mentored, join a workshop, join a development circle, whatever it is, that floats your boat, allow yourself to do those things and stop viewing growth a sign of weakness or failure. You know, growth is actually just a sign of growth, isn’t it no more, no less.”



Sarupa is a mentor, teacher, trainer & speaker whose role & magic is to show you how to find your inner star – to discover who you truly are. With the tools she gives you you will journey to create the life, yourself and what you came to be.


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Emma also works with workplaces and schools on their Mental Health and Wellbeing strategies and provides training and coaching to support employees through challenging and changing times. Emma also works with individuals to help them to perform at their best by working on their mental fitness, which incorporates stress/burnout prevention and resilience and agility development through her Human Reboot Movement Coaching Programme. Her clients say they have become more mentally fit, happier and gain the results they want in their lives.

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