This Episode is with me Emma Last. I talk about my reflections and key learnings over the last 10 or so episodes. I give a summary of each episode, thank my guests for their reboot stories, and invite you to contact me to find out more about my methodology  –  if you want to know more about what it means to reboot and the key steps that help people to reboot quickly and effectively. I help high achievers to deal with any stresses to grow their mental fitness and resilience and help them to adapt to challenges and change and continue to perform at their best without burning out.

Timings of each Reboot Key Learn

1:02 -Episode 12 Summary of “Let’s play bigger Ladies” with Emma Clayton

5:05 -Episode 13 Summary of “My 2020, Our Stories of strength and resilience” with Jo Howarth

7.56 -Episode 14 Summary of “How laughing for 10 minutes a day is my secret weapon” with Pete Cann

9.45 -Episode 15 Summary of “One in 20 women suffer from my hormone disorder PMDD” with Becky Holmes

14.00 Episode 16 Summary of “Rejection gave me the redirection to find my strengths” with Valerie Fischer

17:00 Episode 17 Summary of “From Domestic Abuse to Freedom in love, Freedom in money and Freedom in mind” with Anna Davidson

20:32 Episode 18 Summary of “Why you should be a Human leader” with Gary Parsons

24.48 Episode 19 Summary of “Everybody is deserving of good things”, including me with Collette Stevenson

27:41 Episode 20 Summary of “How introverts can flourish without pretending” with Joanna Rawbone

30:38 Episode 21 Summary of “EMDR was game-changing for my PTSD and anxiety” with Bernii Mac

33.35 Episode 22 Summary of “No matter what your diversity everyone deserves to belong” with Becky Kekula


Emma Last is a qualified Mental Health and Wellbeing Trainer and Coach. She has co-written both the First Aid Industry body’s accredited First Aid for Mental Health and Wellbeing training for Adults in the workplace and those working with children.

Emma also has over 20-years, experience in leading teams and developing strategies for change. She worked in senior leadership for a large corporate until early 2018, when she came to a turning point in her career due to being on the brink of burnout and wanted to gain more of a balance in her life. She then rebooted her life and founded her company Progressive Minds.

Emma also works with workplaces and schools on their Mental Health and Wellbeing strategies and provides training and coaching to support employees through challenging and changing times. Emma also works with individuals to help them to perform at their best by working on their mental fitness, which incorporates stress/burnout prevention and resilience and agility development through her Human Reboot Movement Coaching Programme. Her clients say they have become more mentally fit, happier and gain the results they want in their lives.

Her Human Reboot podcast achieved number 22 in the Mental Health category in Mental Health Awareness week. She is a #1 best selling author on Amazon


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